Artists: benMUSA

My Work
Abstract, expressionist and surrealist styles utilizing a variety of skill sets that I gained from experimentation. Starting with acrylic gels and mediums, I mix pigment powders, fabric pigments with some high end acrylic paint to create deeper and richer colors. I also incorporate fine decorative paper and fabric from Thailand, China and Japan.
Artist Statement
I am constantly fascinated by the thin line between science and faith. The more I paint, the more I realize how this continuous juxtaposition 
permeates every aspect of life. I see it revealed in our hopes and dreams. I witness it in the aspirations of today’s revolutions. 
My work amplifies our constant state of flux, illustrating how the universe in every way is on the edge of a continuous event horizon. For many, this point of no return is oblivion. With each endeavor, I attest this nothingness only challenges our senses. That our imagination and sense of hope can take us beyond and through the event horizon.
With over 20 years of experience creating innovative designs, high impact images and concepts; Anas (benMUSA) delves into his rich Mediterranean heritage to create spiritually exhilarating, opulent art. Born in Los Angeles, benMUSA called Houston home for nearly 3 decades, before relocating to Chicago in 2005. He has traveled extensively through the Mediterranean region. By late 2013, benMUSA moved to Austin to be closer to family. 
Youtube video - The Artist’s Thin Line -