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Let's Get this Party Started! (Contest Details Inside)

Well it has been an exciting beginning so far for InkedPlaymats.com.  We’d like to say thanks to everyone for their business as we are growing fast due to the enthusiasm of our customers and their recognition of our product featuring your kick ass designs. We are kicking off our more frequent blog posting with a contest!  Because so many of our mat sales seemed to be geared towards Magic the Gathering players we are going to be giving out a full box of Dark Ascension which is released February 3rd.  Additional prizes include a free mat and single packs of...

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Opening Day

We as gamers, like to customize our game in some way to show our personality. It has progressed from different colored sleeves and dice, to sleeves with images and life counters in all kinds of various forms. We then started buying playmats sold by the game manufacturers. Now we buy customized playmats from artists or even design our own. You can get them hand drawn or printed. Both ways have no real easy way of getting the playmat you want. Your options right now I either fighting over designs on Ebay or going to your favorite forum and recruiting a...

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Okay, Mitch will be in touch to help you out directly.

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