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What Consortium rewards can you redeem with 400-800 Sand Dollar Points?

In our previous post, we talked about and listed some of the Consortium rewards that are waiting to be redeemed by those loyal members who have banked anywhere from 100 - 300 Sand Dollar points. As promised, we’re moving up a tier in this post and covering the rewards that are currently available for 400 - 800 points.

Again, Sand Dollar points are only available for Consortium members and can be obtained through certain actions, such as signing up for the Consortium, following Inked Gaming on social media, liking social media posts, making purchases on our site, and even celebrating a birthday. Once you’ve earned a certain amount of Sand Dollar points, you can use them to redeem those awesome rewards that we’ve been speaking of.

With that said, here are eight great rewards that can be redeemed by any Consortium member who has between 400 - 800 Sand Dollar Points saved up:

  • FREE Treasure Chest XL Gaming Mousepad - 400 Sand Dollar Points
  • FREE Treasure Chest Dice Bag - 400 Sand Dollar Points
  • FREE Consortium Dice Bag - 400 Sand Dollar Points
  • FREE Random Pack of Sleeves - 500 Sand Dollar Points
  • FREE Kai Mat Bag - 500 Sand Dollar Points
  • FREE Consortium Playmat Bag- 500 Sand Dollar Points
  • $5 OFF Coupon - 500 Sand Dollar Points
  • $10 OFF Coupon - 800 Sand Dollar Points

    Note: These are the present point costs for each reward, which are subject to change from time to time and may be different in the future.

    Let’s be honest, it’s always cool to get FREE gear, especially when that gear features special designs that only Consortium members have access to. And the coupons are also a handy reward for those who may have had their eye on a more high-priced item, but have been delaying adding it to their cart. As we mentioned in the previous post, all you pay for is shipping for those FREE items and the coupons are limited to one per order. 

    If you’re currently a Consortium member, we encourage you to check out all of the rewards that are currently available to you and start spending those Sand Dollar points. We also ask that you continue to bank those points by supporting us on social media and making more purchases. 

    If you’re not a member of our Consortium yet, consider this your wake-up call to all that you’re missing out on. So, once you’ve finished reading this, head over to our Consortium sign-up page and join the fun today. Sign-up is super easy and will only take a few moments. Plus, you’ll get 300 Sand Dollar points just for becoming a member. 

    For the next post in this short series, we are going to move up another rung on the Sand Dollar rewards ladder, so to speak, and talk about all of the rewards that can be redeemed for 1000 - 1500 Sand Dollar points. Stay tuned!


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