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What Consortium rewards can you redeem with 2000-4250 Sand Dollar Points?

Well, after climbing the Consortium reward ladder together for the past month or so, we’ve finally reached the top. The final four rewards left on our list can be redeemed for 2000 - 4250 Sand Dollar points and include a nice bundle of premium goods that are only available for Consortium members. 

You may remember from the previous blogs that Sand Dollar points can be obtained through numerous actions, including purchases and social media follows/likes. We even give you points just for joining the program and celebrating your birthday. Earning points is one thing, but knowing how to spend them is another. We want our members to take full advantage of all the offers/rewards that Consortium offers, which is why we’re trying to encourage them to use those Sand Dollars every once in a while. 

Any Consortium member with 2000+ Sand Dollar points saved up should consider using them to redeem the following rewards: 

  • FREE Exclusive Playmat & Classic Mousepad Bundle - 2000 Sand Dollar Points

  • FREE Exclusive Playmat & Mat Bag Bundle - 3000 Sand Dollar Points

  • FREE Exclusive Playmat, Dice Bag, & Mat Bag Bundle - 4000 Sand Dollar Points

  • FREE Exclusive Playmat, Dice Bag, Classic Mousepad & Mat Bag Bundle - 4250 Sand Dollar Points

  • Note: These are the present point costs for each reward, which are subject to change from time to time and may be different in the future.

    The only real USD currency that the rewards above will cost you is for shipping. Other than that, they can be yours just by using the points that you’ve earned. That said, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Consortium members out there who continue to earn and support every day. Your loyalty to Inked Gaming is something that we greatly appreciate and never take for granted. Thank you for sticking with us!

    With that, we extend a thank you and an invitation to all of our customers who have supported the Inked Gaming brand but still have yet to take the next step as a Consortium member. Remember, having Consortium status means you have access to a wide range of other perks, which can come in handy during the holidays and sitewide sales. Signing up is super simple and will only take a few moments, so you can become a member as early as today if you wanted. Just something to think about if you’re on the fence about joining.

    Again, we encourage all of our members to start spending and all of our customers to start joining, that way everyone can enjoy the awesome rewards that come from the Consortium!


    Team Inked


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