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What Consortium rewards can you redeem with 1000-1500 Sand Dollar Points?

Well, so far we’ve covered what 100 - 300 and 400 - 800 Sand Dollar points get you as a loyal member of our Consortium program. Today, our journey up the ladder continues as we take a closer look at some of the rewards that can be redeemed with 1,000 - 1,500 Sand Dollars. Those who have accumulated this many points have quite a nice selection of rewards waiting for them.

Remember, Consortium rewards are only exclusively available to members who continue to show their support through numerous actions, including purchases, following us on social media, liking our posts, and more. There are a good amount of members out there who have earned plenty of points, but forget to spend them on the premium goods that we have available. So, let’s see what rewards await those with 1,000 - 1,500 points in their pocket.

  • FREE Consortium Playmat - 1000 Sand Dollar Points

  • FREE Treasure Chest Playmat - 1000 Sand Dollar Points

  • 10% OFF Coupon - 1000 Sand Dollar Points

  • $15 OFF Coupon - 1000 Sand Dollar Points

  • FREE Treasure Chest Oversize Playmat - 1100 Sand Dollar Points

  • 15% OFF Coupon - 1500 Sand Dollar Points

  • Note: These are the present point costs for each reward, which are subject to change from time to time and may be different in the future.

    You can’t argue with free gear and coupons that can help knock down the price of the more expensive items. Just keep in mind that you only pay for shipping on the free gear and the coupons are limited to one per order. As always, we urge all of our Consortium members out there to keep on earning those points any way they can and to actually spend them from time to time. After all, that’s what they’re for.

    Furthermore, anyone who’s thinking about becoming a Consortium member can take the next step by visiting our Consortium sign-up page. Signing up is easy and will only take a few moments to complete. From there, you can start earning and enjoying all of the perks that are available to you as a Consortium member. 

    We have just one more set of rewards to talk about. Those are the ones that can be redeemed for 2000 - 4250, which we’ll go over in our next post. 4250 is actually the highest amount on the list, so this next post will be our finale to this series. Stay tuned for that and some other new Consortium info that is set to be revealed soon.


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