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This Week’s Inkcredible Flash Sale

It’s Tuesday again! Time to ‘roll’ out another Inkcredible Flash Sale discount that our fellow gamers should find useful. This week, we’re lowering the price on a sweet set of dice that everyone has been oohing and aahing over. It’s Sirius’ Cloak and Dagger Dice, and for the rest of today, they’ll be on sale for 30% OFF.

By knocking 30% OFF their original price, you can snag this dice set for $45.50, which is a smokin’ deal considering their premium quality and amazing colors. Check out these little gems:

Sirius’ Cloak and Dagger Dice

Inside that transparent tube are seven ultra premium, sharp-edged polyhedral D20 die, each of which feature a beautiful hand polished finish with an opalescent shimmer inside. As you can see, the colors are absolutely beautiful and look even better when under the right light. The sharp edges and translucent design give them a signature look and feel that every gamer will appreciate the moment they pick one up.

Sirius’ Cloak and Dagger Dice

All in all, these dice are meant to enhance your tabletop gaming experience, and thanks to our Inkcredible Flash Sale, they can be yours for an ever better price. Again, this deal will only be available for the rest of the day (until 4 pm PST). After that, they’ll return to their original price. So, if you want them, today is the day to add them to your cart!

See you next week!


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