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Welcome back to the Weekly Wave! Let’s see what news, updates, and announcements have risen to the surface this week!

Pokémon TCG Temporal Forces

Pokémon’s latest English expansion has been announced, and Trainers across the land couldn’t be more psyched. We don’t have a lot of details yet, but we do know that Temporal Forces will be a nice follow-up to the Paldean Fates set coming next month. 

Pokémon TCG Temporal Forces

According to numerous sources and leaks, we can Temporal Forces to drop sometime in March 2024. Pricing and card lists still remain a mystery for now, however, there are whispers of it including cards from Wild Force & Cyber Judge. These are two sets that are scheduled to launch in Japan at the end of January. 

One other key feature that has been revealed is how the set will also focus on Paradox Pokémon. That means we can also expect to see cards such as Walking Wake and Iron Leaves, which can give you some flair and add more strategic features to the game.

Keep your eyes open for more details and updates as they are released. Be sure to check back here for more info as well. 

Pre-order your Yu-Gi-Oh! Stainless Steel Egyptian God Card set!

If you’ve been following along with this series, you know that there are some sweet sets and expansions coming in 2024, especially on the TCG side of the sphere. Recently, Konami announced yet another awesome set that is scheduled to release next year, but is available for pre-order as we speak. The Egyptian God Card set is a stainless steel set that will feature three cards, all of which will have a clean stainless steel finish. Those three cards are:

  • The God of Obelisk
  • Saint Dragon-The God of Osiris
  • The Sun of God Dragon

Yu-Gi-Oh! Stainless Steel Egyptian God Card set

It’s also worth noting that every set is numbered, which means that anyone who buys a set will be automatically entered into a sweepstakes for an Ultra Rare Normal Monster version of Black Luster Soldier. Given its contents and material, the Egyptian God Card set will cost around $400.00. Even with the price tag, this is one piece that every serious collector should have.

Pre-ordering for the Egyptian God Card set began on December 15th. Those who put their name down early can expect the set to ship sometime in 2024.

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That’s all for now! Stay tuned for our next edition of The Weekly Wave for more fun stories and updates!


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