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The Weekly Wave

 Welcome back to Inked Gaming’s Weekly Wave! Let’s see what news, updates, and announcements have risen to the surface this week!

Adidas has a new Yu-Gi-Oh! collection

There’s no official release date yet and most of the details are still being kept under wraps, but according to numerous sources and recent drips, Adidas’ new Yu-Gi kicks (and flips) are going to be sweet! This Yu-Gi-Oh! x Adidas Collection is actually a throwback to the old Y2K days when Yu-Gi-Oh! was making its way to the top of the TCG mountain. 

Back then, every young duelist wanted, scratch that, NEEDED a Dark Magician and/or Blue-Eyes White Dragon in their deck. Of course, these are the monsters chosen by the series' main protagonist and antagonist (Yugi and Kaiba). So, when a recent drip teased two sets in the collection earlier this week, a lot of fans (including us) were pretty impressed. 

Have a look for yourself:

Yu-Gi-Oh! x Adidas Collection

When we said that this collection was a throwback, we meant both in terms of the art and the style. Notice how the ADI2000 is reminiscent of the bulkier skate shoes that were pretty popular back in the early 2000s. The same goes for the Reptossage design, which was better known for its comfort around the same time. Every style comes back eventually, especially when it comes to footwear. But, when you have such awesome, official Yu-Gi-Oh! art printed on them, one could say that shoes like these are timeless!

Again, we don’t know when this collection will become available. However, right now, they are scheduled to release sometime in 2022. So, maybe in the next month or so. It would be better if they came out just before the holidays, that way we have something else to put under the tree or be thankful for as the year comes to a close. If you hear any updates on your end, be sure to let us know in the comments below!


Pokémon FireRed auction

By now, we all know how beneficial it can be to save and preserve your Pokémon cards. But, have you thought about doing the same for your old Pokémon game cartridges? Well, there are some who have and one, in particular, was recently able to sell one of theirs for just over $3,000 at auction. The game was an old Pokémon FireRed, and it was given a grade of 9.6 from WATA (another notable game grading service).

 Pokémon FireRed

In WATA’s world, or at least according to their scale, any game that scores a 9.6 is considered an A+ item that’s in exceptional condition (sealed and in near mint condition). That’s actually pretty good considering how old this game is. However, you have to take in the fact that it was also sealed and even still had the original price tag on it. We can only imagine how hard it must have been to not open it. 

For those who may not remember, Pokémon FireRed was released for Game Boy Advance way back in 2004. Pokémon LeafGreen was released at the same time as well. Together, these two titles introduced Trainers to some new features that would actually set the bar for the games that would come along after. So, it’s fair to say that FireRed is an important piece of Pokémon video game history.

During the auction, just over 20 bids came through for the sealed game, and it finally concluded when the price reached $3,109. Not too shabby for a game that’s 18 years old and was never opened. 

Starting Soon: Inked Gaming Halloween Art Contest

October is creeping closer and closer, which means it’s almost time to begin our Halloween 2022 Art Contest. Just like last year, the Inked Gaming artist team has delivered a nice collection of scary-good Halloween-theme designs…and we’re calling on our community to vote for their favorites!

Inked Gaming Halloween 2022 Art Contest

Starting on October 1st, we will post these Halloween designs on our site and open the contest to all who wish to vote. Voting will remain open until the last day of the contest, which appropriately closes on October 31st. So, you’ll have plenty of time to submit your vote and help us pick a winner. We will be printing these designs on a variety of products and including them in exclusive mystery bundles. The bundles will contain a stitched-edge playmat featuring a random contest design and an Inked Gaming mystery-themed playmat bag.

We’ll be making more announcements and providing updates and reminders over these next few weeks. So, be sure to keep a close eye on our social channels, website, and blog page, that way you don’t miss anything. This is our favorite time of the year, and we’re super excited to celebrate it with a friendly contest that features such amazing Halloween art from one talented team of designers!

You can find further info in the announcements blog HERE!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for our next edition of The Weekly Wave for more fun stories and updates!


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