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Welcome back to the Weekly Wave! Let’s see what news, updates, and announcements have risen to the surface this week!

UPDATE: Tyler the Great Warrior Yu-Gi-Oh! card auction

Earlier this month, we featured the story of Tyler the Great Warrior, which is considered to be the world’s rarest Yu-Gi-Oh! card. If you’ve been keeping up with our Weekly Waves, you probably remember, and we promised to keep you updated. If you missed that wave, here’s a bit of background.

After nearly 20 years, Tyler the Great Warrior is about to become the prized possession of a new collector, as it is being auctioned off via eBay at this very moment. The card’s original owner, Tyler Gressle, was given the card in 2005 thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation. At the time, Tyler was just 14 years old and battling a rare form of cancer.

Tyler’s wish was to make a custom Yu-Gi-Oh! card that featured a character from Dragon Ball Z. That wish would be granted when Kazuki Takahashi and Tyler teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind card that would only be printed once. Tyler the Great Warrior was born. Today, Tyler Gressle is happy, healthy, and ready to start a family and his own business. 

Tyler the Great Warrior

In order to help fund his future, Tyler has decided to finally part ways with the card.  In our previous post, we mentioned that Tyler the Great Warrior auction was starting on April 19th. As of April 26th, the bid is up to $160,900. After starting at $70,000. That’s quite a nice jump, and there are a few more days to go.

The auction closes on April 29th. So, if you want Tyler the Great Warrior in your collection, be sure to enter a bid North of $160,900 before Saturday. 

Have you seen the new Alchemy England goods yet?

We’ve been looking forward to adding this brand to our band of premium gear for a while, and just last week, we finally began posting them on our site. Alchemy England's work features characters and creatures that welcome us to a new kind of dark side. If you look in their collection, you’ll find that their most popular pieces have been printed on our playmats, dice bags, mousepads, and more. And that’s just where they belong!

Check these out!

Arawn Awaits Playmat
Behold the Basilisk Mousepad
Altar of Astrontiel Dice Bag

And there’s more where these came from…a lot more. So, if your collection is in need of some skulls, dragons, or demons, we suggest having a closer look at Alchemy England's awesome new gathering of goods. We’re super excited to have the World’s leading brand name in Gothic and alternative culture on our site, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Click HERE to see all the art they have to offer!

More fresh art from Frank Frazetta has arrived!

Last month, we introduced you to another original design from the Godfather of Fantasy, which has been added to our growing collection of popular Frank Frazetta pieces. Shortly after, we promised that another Frazetta design would be coming in April. Well…here we are! Just this week, we welcomed Berserker to our site, and it looks amazing printed on our gear. See for yourself!

The Berserker

If you’re a fan of Conan the Conqueror, Berserker should look very familiar, as this is the same art that was featured on the cover of Robert E. Howard's novel. Given its history and popularity over the years, this is one Frank Frazetta design that commands respect. As our Frazetta collection continues to grow, so does our love for his legendary artwork…and we hope that our fellow gamers feel the same.

When you’re finished here, be sure to jump over to Frank’s artist page and snag your Berserker piece as soon as you can. Whether you need a new playmat, dice bag, mousepad, or mat bag, you’ll be happy to have The Berserker by your side during every battle!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for our next edition of The Weekly Wave for more fun stories and updates!


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