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Welcome back to the Weekly Wave! Let’s see what news, updates, and announcements have risen to the surface this week!

MTG Phyrexia: All Will Be One Preview

With MTG Phyrexia: All Will Be One set to officially launch in just two weeks, we’ve been expecting some early previews (card reveals) to get us fired up. Last week and earlier this week, that’s just what we got. So far, two major card reveals have hit the web, and we think they look awesome. Those cards are Atraxa’s Skitterfang and Staff of Compleation

Check these out:

Atraxa’s Skitterfang
Staff of Compleation

Both Atraxa’s Skitterfang and Staff of Compleation are three-mana cost artifact cards that come with a nice arsenal of abilities. When Atraxa’s Skitterfang hits the battlefield, it has three oil counters, which can be removed once combat commences. Doing so will grant flying, vigilance, deathtouch, or lifelink to a creature under your control. This will last until the end of your turn. 

Staff of Compleation features five abilities. Of those five abilities, four of them cost life, while the fifth cost mana. Here’s a better view of the breakdown of these abilities:

  • Ability one: Tap and pay one life – Destroy target permanent you own
  • Ability two: Tap and pay two life – Add one mana of any color
  • Ability three: Tap and pay three life – Proliferate
  • Ability four: Tap and pay four life – Draw a card
  • Ability five: Pay five mana - Untap Staff of Compleation

Remember, Phyrexia: All Will Be One comes out on February 10th, however, some of you won’t have to wait that long. In case you didn’t hear, MTG is running a special Phyrexia: All Will Be One prerelease event that allows players to test out these cards, and others, before their official release. This event starts on February 3rd and will run until February 9th. You can find more details about the Phyrexia: All Will Be One prelease event HERE.

US Customs Vs. Pokémon Yellow

We heard about this story over the weekend and just had to throw it in. After all, it’s not every day that a classic, sealed Pokémon video game has its value decreased by US Customs. Yes, you read that right. Last week, Nightdive Studios’ CEO, Stephen Kick, took to Twitter after learning that his friend’s sealed, original copy of Pokémon Yellow was destroyed by US Customs agents. Kicks then posted a pic that would make any passionate Pokémon collector's stomach churn.

Pokémon Yellow

The game was sealed in its original acrylic case and was given an official A+ grade (9.2) by Wata Games. Due to its age, condition, and grade, this particular copy of Pokémon Yellow was valued at around $10,000. The story goes that Kick’s friend had purchased the game from another country and was in transit to the US. 

Now, this kind of thing happens on a regular basis, however, this time, US Customs agents found this package to be suspicious, so they ripped it open. In the process of taking the package apart, the case was dismantled and the cover was ripped off, along with the seal. With just a few rips and tears, the game’s value had plummeted. 

We couldn’t help feeling bad for both the buyer and the game itself, which had been kept in pristine condition ever since its 1998 release. So far, we haven’t heard anything about whether US Customs would consider compensating the owner somehow. For now, all we can do is use this story as something to learn from for future reference.

Have you voted yet?

We’ve closed our art submissions for the Kai Ugly Sweater Coloring Contest, however, voting is still very much open and will remain so until January 31st. Again, we’re calling on the entire Inked Gaming community to vote for their favorite ugly sweater design. After accepting so many awesome designs, it’s shaping up to be a close race, and we need as many as possible to help us crown the winner(s).

Speaking of, we also want to remind you that three prizes will be awarded to the top three designs with the most votes. Once all the votes are tallied, we will announce the winners on February 1st, next Wednesday. The prizes will be awarded as such:

1st place - $150 gift card to Inked Gaming, a FREE GIFT, and a promotional blast

2nd place - $100 gift card to Inked Gaming

3rd place - $50 gift card to Inked Gaming

We received some more stunning submissions last week, which means you’ll have a lot of ugly sweaters to choose from, but in a contest like this, we say the more, the merrier. Here are a few of the latest ugly sweaters we’ve collected and posted. 

Kai Ugly Sweater Coloring Contest

Kai Ugly Sweater Coloring Contest

Kai Ugly Sweater Coloring Contest

Kai has tried on a lot of sweaters this winter, now we just need to know which one fits them best. So, be sure to submit your vote as soon as you can, if you haven’t already, and we’ll announce the winners next week. Click HERE to vote for your favorite!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for our next edition of The Weekly Wave for more fun stories and updates!


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