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Welcome back to the Weekly Wave! Let’s see what news, updates, and announcements have risen to the surface this week!

WOTC and Seattle Children's Autism Center design limited edition MTG cards!

With a newly renovated Children’s Autism Center opening in Seattle, Wizards of the Coast, which is also Washington-based, has decided to give it an extra touch of magic. Specifically, Magic the Gathering. After teaming up with Seattle Children’s Hospital, Wizards of the Coast and the Children’s Autism Center have created a collection of limited edition cards that were designed by the children themselves.

Magic the Gathering

That’s right, the art on each card in this collection was originally designed by the kids in the Seattle Autism Center and brought to life by Wizards of the Coast. This is not the first time the two have partnered up. In fact, Wizards has been working with Seattle Children’s Hospital for quite some time and even raised almost $800,000 for them last year..

Today, the cards from this limited edition collection are being used to raise more funds for the Seattle Children’s Autism Center. The cards in this set include:

  • Lathiss
  • Dragon Queen
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Silver Legion
  • A secret card.  

For this project, WOTC also teamed up with Extra Life, an annual fundraising event where people from all sorts of gaming spaces come together to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Wizards of the Coast plans to donate 50% of the proceeds to the Children’s Autism Center, with the hopes that the funds will be used to help the families and further development. The center also plans to use those funds to pay for services that may not be covered by insurance, which can really be a game changer for the center as a whole!

A Dragonite promo card is waiting for you at your local GameStop!

Did you happen to stop by Pokémon’s official website last week? Did you do some shopping at GameStop over the weekend? If not, then you probably didn’t hear about the special promo card that’s being offered at local GameStop stores across the country. Pokémon TCG is celebrating their Sword & Shield—Silver Tempest expansion, so they’ve decided to gift gamers with a limited edition Dragonite card.

Dragonite promo card

The card itself features amazing art that shows what we think is one of the cutest dragons in the Pokémon TCG universe. And since it’s a promo, the card also has a special Sword & Shield—Silver Tempest logo stamped in the corner.

So, how do you get one of these Dragonite promos in your collection? Well, if you head over to your local GameStop spot, or go online, all you have to do is spend at least $15.00 on Pokémon TCG gear, and you’ll receive the promo card at checkout. It’s pretty simple, really. The only thing is, if you want one of these Dragonite promos, you’ll want to move fast, especially now that it’s been offered for the past six days. Time is not a factor, but supply is. The card will be offered while supplies last, which means you’ll have to beat your fellow collectors/Trainers if you really want to add this card to your collection. So, as soon as you’ve finished reading this week’s Weekly Wave, maybe take some time to swing by your local GameStop, or open up a new window, and snag your Dragonite promo card today!

Inked Gaming’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday fun starts next week!

We’re getting closer! As the last week of November quickly approaches, we’re sending out reminders, updates, and announcements to our entire community to make sure that everyone takes advantage of the awesome deals and discounts that are coming next week! Black Friday and Cyber Monday is our biggest sale of the year, and we plan on seeing a lot of our fellow gamers snag some sweet gear for a great price!

The sale officially begins on Friday, November 25th, and will last until Monday, November 28th. During that time, we will be offering a site-wide discount on most of the premium pieces in our collection. Yes, our followers have a lot to look forward to next Friday, especially those who have joined our Consortium!

If you’re an Inked Gaming Consortium member, you’ll find a few special surprises waiting for you in your dashboard. All Consortium members will have access to a special sale of their own to go along with some other special little deals and discounts. Consortium members will also be granted exclusive early access to the sale, allowing them to start their Black Friday shopping on November 23rd. That two-day head start can definitely come in handy.

If you want to enjoy the same special perks and early access, be sure to join our Consortium by the end of this week. Signing up is easy and should only take a few minutes to complete. After that, you’ll see just how sweet Inked Gaming Consortium life can be!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for our next edition of The Weekly Wave for more fun stories and updates!


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