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The Best Upcoming Games of 2019

The year 2019 has a lot in store for gaming with lots of big name titles and anticipated sequels set for release. From RPG, to FPS, to old school side-scrolling run and gun games, there is something to look forward to for fans of every gaming genre. From completely original games to sequels far down the line in their game series, these games on the horizon are bringing fresh and innovative new ideas to the table. On our list, we’ll look at six of the most anticipated titles coming in the next year.


Cyberpunk 2077

Release date: 2019

From studio CD Projekt Red, the company who made what is widely considered one of the best RPGs ever made, Witcher 3, is Cyberpunk 2077. In development since 2012, you can expect this game to be as epic in scope as Witcher 3. Cyberpunk is an open world FPS/RPG and can be thought of as a combination of Witcher 3, GTA, Fallout, and Mass Effect all rolled into one. You can expect all the staples for a Projekt Red game: an in-depth story, Mass Effect like dialogue system and choices that affect your path, a complex character development and skill system, oh, and lots and lots of cutscenes. The game takes place in a Dystopian Metropolis called Night City with six different districts such as a corporate area, immigrant district, and an upper-scale district, so it’s quite possible the story will have some commentary on our modern-day society. Judging by the quality of the short demo given at E3, Projekt Red looks ready to deliver another masterpiece of an RPG and a strong contender for Game of the Year 2019.


 Metro Exodus

Release date: February 22, 2019

One of the two games on our list with a schedule release date, Metro: Exodus is scheduled to be available for purchase on February 22, 2019 on PC, PS4 and XBOX One. Set two years after the events of its predecessor Metro: Last Light, Exodus continues the story of the main character Artyom as he leaves the Metro and heads East. The game will have a much different feel from the previous two, as Artyom is now in the open world instead of the signature dark and cramped tunnels of the last two installments. The level maps are now up to 100 times larger and have a day and night cycle, making the newly explored surface world feel all the more immersive. The larger and more open world style of the levels will also be felt by the player in how the missions are designed, with more than one path to choose from as opposed to the more linear missions of the last two games. The new open world design of the game combined with the signature art style and feel of the Metro series makes this a must buy for any gamer.


Doom: Eternal

Release Date: 2019

The sequel to the 2016 reboot, is Doom: Eternal. In a refreshing change from most of the games in the Doom series, Eternal will mostly take place on Earth as it is overrun by demons. The game will feature a fast-paced gameplay style similar to the previous Doom, but with twice as many types of Demons. The weapons will also be receiving some changes, as well as new suit abilities and power ups. What sets Eternal apart from the previous Doom games is the new Invasion mode. Players will be able to take control of Demons in other players’ single player campaigns. This is a great change as previous games often became somewhat repetitive slaying the same demons over and over. Allowing players to control enemies will be sure to provide a refreshing change and challenge to the timeless series. All of these changes are just a few of what Bethesda has decided to reveal at this point, so we can expect even more in the future and for this to be the most unique installation of Doom in some time.


Cuphead: The Last Course

Release Date: 2019

While Cuphead: The Last Course is not a new stand-alone game but an expansion, it could no go without mention. An expansion to what many gamers feel is one of the best and most unique games in recent memory, The Last Course will be more of the same addictively fun but frustrating challenge that Cuphead offered. Responsible for a lot of broken controllers, Cuphead brought back old feelings of the side scrolling classics of the early 90s such as Mario and Metroid, as well as introduced them to a new generation of gamers. The DLC Expansion will feature a new playable character, new isle, and of course, new bosses that will be sure to bring back the same formula of frustration and challenge that gives gamers a sense of accomplishment once finally beaten.


Skull and Bones

Release Date: 2019-2020

It’s about time there was a defining Pirate themed video game, and Skull and Bones is looking to be just that. If you at all enjoyed the Pirate gameplay in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, then this game will seem like Christmas come early. Skull and Bones will have many different ways to play, from the standard single player campaign, to PvP, to co-op. You will take control of your own pirate ship and build your crew as you raid merchant ships, battle the English empire, find treasure, all the good pirate stuff. What makes Skull and Bones interesting is how the different gameplay options are integrated into the game. Instead of simply logging into different modes from a menu, players will decide what they want to do by sailing to different areas of the open world. If you want to PvP you’ll sail to the disputed waters, or you can ignore the other players and follow the single player campaign. The ship combat system will also be extremely in depth and strategical, making this unlike any game that has come before. Ships will fully customizable and have different skills and super abilities, making for some truly unique gameplay. With the developer’s heavy focus on a competitive skill-based combat system, we may even see the Skull and Bones pirate ship battles as an esports one day.

Fallout 76

Release Date: November 14, 2018

A sequel to another famous Bethesda Franchise, is Fallout: 76. This game will be much different than any previous title in the series, as it will be an online multiplayer game instead of a single player RPG. Players may play with a group of up to four or may play solo. It seems that with every game sequel the game world expands significantly, and Fallout: 76 is no different, with a world four times the size of Fallout 4. What makes this game so different than any previous game in the Fallout series is that there will be no human NPCs, as all other humans in the game will be other players. This means Bethesda will have to make changes to how they tell the story. Information about the world will come from NPC robots and items such as holo tapes. This move from exclusively single player to an almost entirely focused player world takes Fallout somewhat into the sandbox genre. This new world dynamic is another daring and innovative change and it will certainly be interesting to see how it plays out.



This trend of making creative and drastic changes to established game series such as Fallout and Doom, as well as creating entirely original games such as Skull and Bones and Cyberpunk 2077 is a great one for gaming. We hope this creativity and innovation in game design continues for years to come, and if it does, now is probably a good time to finish any games you have in your Steam or console library.

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