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Supply Drop Saturday

It’s Saturday, and that means it’s time for us to log this week’s activity in our Supply Drop mission dossier. Here you’ll find all the latest updates and info about our Supply Drops boxes, including the surprises that our luckiest subscribers found in theirs this month!

Who found a Treasure Chest this month, Mateys?

Avast, hearties! A handful of Treasure Chests set sail for their lucky subscribers, and we thought ye be wantin’ to know where they made land ho! Again, we randomly select these subscribers from our list of orders and send them an exclusive Treasure Chest in their scheduled Supply Drop delivery. 

This week, the lucky stars were out and shining bright for two subscribers, who received a Treasure Chest packed with all kinds of valuable booty (goods) for their favorite games. Those subscribers are MTG Elite #360782 and PKM Essential #361009

Here’s a better look at the treasure trove they found in their Supply Drops this month!


Congrats to both of you! We hope you enjoy the precious pieces we packed in your treasure chest. No matter what your game, we think you’ll agree that the goods in these treasure chests are as good as gold. If you’re subscribed to our Supply Drops, we suggest that you stay in the crow’s nest and keep a sharp eye out, as there may be a treasure chest coming your way!

Supply Drop Updates - Valentine's Day!

February is a time for sharing and showing love for others, and with Valentine’s Day on the way, we have the perfect gift for the special gamer in your life. Instead of guessing what your gamer needs, you can cover more categories for their collection with our Supply Drop Gift Subscriptions. 

By sending a Gift Subscription to your friend, you’ll be giving them the opportunity to experience our Supply Drops and all the awesome gear that they offer. If your Valentine is as passionate a player as you are, this gift will definitely warm their heart. And if they really like it, they can continue receiving supply drops with a regular subscription.

Speaking of, we’ve made ordering and sending these Gift Subscriptions super simple. Just like you would for yourself, begin by picking your friend’s favorite game. From there, select the size of the box (Essentials, Elite, Epic), and the duration of the subscription (1, 2, or 3 months). Make sure your friend’s shipping address is correct.

Once you’ve checked all those boxes, we’ll start preparing your friend’s Gift Subscription, which will ship out next month. This wouldn’t be a Valentine’s gift without a card, so we’re also sending a downloadable/printable card for you to give your Valentine to let them know that they have a Gift Subscription coming their way!

Don’t wait! Order your Supply Drop Gift Subscription today and get ready to spread the love this Valentine’s Day!

Be on the lookout for MTG Phyrexia-themed goods!

With MTG’s Phyrexia: All Will Be One expansion releasing this week, we’ve decided to throw in some Phyrexia-themed gear in our MTG Supply Drop boxes. Most of the MTG boxes over the next few weeks will feature these Phyrexia pieces while supplies last, which means you may have some coming your way in your next supply drop! 

Phyrexia: All Will Be One is MTG’s 95th expansion and features 271 cards, which means you can use a new sleeve set and deck box. After all the spoilers and previews, we’re ready to continue on to the third adventure in Phyrexia’s four-set storyline and enter the belly of the beast. By merging our Phyrexia-themed gear with your new cards, you will be, too!

Since the contents of your box are supposed to be a mystery, we can’t tell you exactly which other pieces you’ll find in your supply drop. However, we can tell you to expect everything from premium sleeves, life pads, deck boxes, and more. 

Here’s a better look at the items you may find in your box:

MTG Phyrexia

Just like our Supply Drops, we covered a lot of ground in this week’s Supply Drop Saturday update, and we look forward to doing so every other Saturday from here on. Thank you for joining us!


Team Inked


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