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Supply Drop Exclusive: Clint Cearley Signature Mat!

If you’ve been following our Supply Drop Saturday updates, you may have heard that a new Clint Cearley art is coming to Inked Gaming! This latest art was specially made for our Supply Drops and therefore will be exclusively available to subscribers who buy an April box. 

We plan to eventually add the mat to our site and make it available to ALL of our customers. Until then, only our Supply Drop subscribers will be able to get their hands on this new Clint Cearley mat. What can our subscribers expect to find in their next Supply Drop? We don’t want to totally spoil the mystique just yet. We want you to be surprised when you open your box. 

For now, we’ll just tease a little section of the mat that features a personal touch from Clint himself. The art on the mat is called…Red Thorn. Take a look:

Red Thorn

If it looks cool now, just wait until you see the whole picture. Again, this is just a small section of the art printed on one of our Standard Playmats. What makes this mat even more unique is the Clint Cearley signature at the bottom. This small, yet important detail will only be featured on the mats that are packed in our Supply Drop Boxes. So, if you want the ‘signature version’ of this art, you must be subscribed to our Supply Drops!

With that in mind, we would like to once again encourage everyone to sign up for our Supply Drops asap, that way you can have a piece of this exclusive Clint Cearley Supply Drop history. When you’re done here, be sure to swing by the sign-up page and get your Supply Drop scheduled. The process is quick, easy, and fun…just how we like it!

We can’t thank Clint enough for being a part of the Inked Gaming artist community, and for making the experience for our customers/subscribers even more fun with his amazing art. It’s been a great partnership, and we look forward to seeing it grow for years to come. Our team has been looking forward to packing this piece in our Supply Drop Boxes, and we can’t wait for you to see it when it arrives. 

No matter what game you play (Pokémon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, MTG, D&D, or FAB), we’re sure that Clint’s Red Thorn playmat will be the perfect backdrop for your favorite battles. Don’t be surprised if the other players at the table ask where they can get one of their own. If they do, you know where to send them!

Happy Gaming!


Team Inked

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  • Topaz San Felipe

Looking forward to our surprise Clint Cearley item❣️
Thank You 🤗