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Preorders for the MTG Doctor Who Decks are open!

As a team of passionate wizards and Whovians, this is one MTG set that we’ve been looking forward to since the day it was first announced, and this week, WOTC made them available for preorder. That’s right, MTG’s Doctor Who decks, part of the Universes Beyond series, can be preordered via Amazon or through your local store.

This set consists of four ready-to-play Commander Decks and a Collector Booster box/display, all of which will officially release in October 2023, just in time for Doctor Who’s 60th-anniversary celebration! The four Commander decks are as follows:

  • Masters of Evil
  • Blast From the Past
  • Timey-Wimey
  • Paradox Power

  • If you look at the info listed under each deck on MTG’s site, you’ll see that all four feature 50 new cards with Doctor Who-themed art (characters & locations) and mechanics. Masters of Evil, for example, presents a 100-card deck made up of some of Doctor Who’s most infamous villains. Blast from the Past, on the other hand, contains the first Eight Doctors along with their companions. 

    Timey-Wimey teams you up with the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors, while Paradox of Power features the Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors. It’s also worth noting that each 100-card deck also comes with 2 Rainbow Foil Legendary cards and 98 non-foil cards, and costs about $50.00. Here’s a look at those four Commander Decks:


    Blast From the Past
    Paradox Power
    Masters of Evil


    The Commander Decks also come with a few cool accessories, including double-sided tokens, a life tracker, and even a Collector Booster Sample pack that has some alt-frame cards. Speaking of Boosters, let’s get into the last item in the set.

    In addition to these Commander Decks, MTG is also including a Collector Booster box/display with this Doctor Who set, which offers 12 boosters that contain 7–14 rares out of the 15 cards in each pack. These packs also include 2 Showcase TARDIS frames as well. If you head over to Amazon to place your preorder, you’ll see the Collector Booster box is available for $242.49.

    MTG Doctor Who Booster

    Again, MTG’s Doctor Who set won’t officially release until October 13, 2023, falling just a month shy of Doctor Who’s milestone 60th-anniversary in November. Given the popularity of the series and all the awesome cards featured in these sets, we’re not going to wait very long to place our order…and neither should you.

    Feel free to let us know what you think of these sets and if you have preordered yours already. Also, be sure to tell us which set(s) you’ve ordered and who your favorite doctors and/or villains are!

    Happy Gaming!

    Team Inked

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    • John

    I think the preorder was only available for a couple of weeks. Any idea if they’ll reopen preorders?