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Pokémon Day 2022

A lot of people look forward to February, and not just because of a Birthday or Valentine’s Day, but because of the much anticipated Pokémon Day, which is upon us again! For those who weren’t already aware, Pokémon Day falls on February 27th, a day that is recognized by avid trainers and trading card gamers from all over the world. Every year, Pokémon uses this time to celebrate their journey, as well as honor the anniversary of Red and Green launching in Japan. 

Red and Green officially launched on February 27th, 1996. It was then that Pokémon took a huge step toward becoming the worldwide sensation that it is today. So, February 27th will forever be known as Pokémon Day. There have been a lot of February 27ths since 96’ and this year, Pokémon has done its best to make the celebration even more special for us. Actually, the celebration has already begun. 

Pokémon Day Logo

The 27th falls on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean they were going to wait until Sunday to roll out the festivities. Instead, Pokémon has chosen to make this a week-long celebration that started on Monday the 21st. Just like in the years prior, they have given us a host of surprise updates spread across the different Pokémon game titles that are popular right now. They have also announced a music video for Yaffle’s Reconnect. According to this week’s update schedule, that music video was released today.

Yes, we have a full itinerary of all the surprises/updates that we can expect this week. Again, the first update was released on Monday and others have been following every day since. Here’s the list of which updates have dropped and what we can expect over the next couple of days.

  • MONDAY - Pokémon Masters EX Mobile Game Update
  • TUESDAY - Pokémon Sword and Shield Update
  • WEDNESDAY - Pokémon Cafe ReMix Update
  • THURSDAY - Pokémon Unite Update
  • FRIDAY -  'Reconnect' Music Video
  • SATURDAY - Pokémon GO update
  • SUNDAY - Pokémon Day

As you can see, a lot has happened this week. We only have a couple of days left to go. Tomorrow, we expect an update to come out for Pokémon GO. The details are not official yet, so I won’t speculate. Just know that there are some rumors floating around about what the update will entail. I think we can wait another 24 hours for the real announcement. With that said, we are not even quite sure exactly what’s been planned for Pokémon day itself. 

I don’t know about you, but I like surprises and having something to look forward to, like I said at the beginning of this blog. So, I would rather let my mind wander with infinite possibilities until then. 

There is one more surprise that has been confirmed. New inventory has been added to the Pokémon center storefront. These new items began dropping early this week as well, and will continue until the 27th. We're talking custom skateboards, cards, plushies, and more. So, be sure to check out the center over the weekend if you're interested in catching some fresh gear.

Happy Pokémon Day!


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