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Our Memorial Day Launch is Coming Closer

Each day that flies by in May brings us another step closer to our BIG Memorial Day launch, and it can’t get here fast enough! While we would love to make the jump to lightspeed right now, we also realize that the journey is just as valuable as the destination, which is why we’re keeping things on autopilot…for now! As we pointed out in our first post, this Memorial Day weekend is an important one for us and our fellow PC gamers, as it will introduce a special piece of gaming gear that our team has been tinkering with for over a year.

We’ve only just reached the halfway point of our journey, so we’re still keeping things under wraps. But, we’ll tell you that there are some nice discounts and bundles waiting for us at the apex. Let’s just say that everyone is going to level up on the 30th!

Our Memorial Day Launch is Coming Closer

So, what can you do between now and the launch? What you’ve been doing. Man your battle station and keep a sharp lookout for new announcements and transmissions that will be coming through this month. Staying in the loop with updates is crucial from this point on, These updates can pop up anywhere, including our blog page, social media, text messages, and your email inbox.

Speaking of, if you really want to stay connected, we strongly urge you to join our Memorial Day email list ASAP. Again, this Memorial Day launch is going to be a giant leap for us and for you, and we don’t want everyone to be there…every step of the way!

Stay tuned!


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