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Our Last Inkcredible Flash Sale

Yes, you read that correctly. After a long haul of Inkcredible Flash Sale fun, we’ve decided to make this our last one! This time, we don’t have a mat, mousepad, or sleeve set to offer. Instead, we have a special discount on one of our newest and most popular items your fellow gamers have been raving about. It’s our Elite Supply Drop Subscription Box, and this week, we’re giving you the chance to get your first one for 20% OFF!


Supply Drop Subscription Box

In case you didn’t know, our Supply Drop Subscription Box is our very own subscription service that delivers a treasure trove of mystery goods to your door (or drop site) every month. All you do is pick from a list of favorite games (Pokémon, MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Flesh and Blood), choose your favorite color, and then pick from the two variants that we have available: Essentials and Elite. 

The Elite Box costs $60 and contains more mystery goods than the Essentials Box. These goods have a value of $60, and possibly higher, depending on what you get. You should also note the fact that the value of the goods sent in your Supply Drop Box could rise even higher over time.

Again, this final flash sale gives you the chance to sign up and obtain your first Elite Supply Drop Subscription Box for 20% OFF. All you have to do is use the code: inkcrediblegoodbye when you’re ready to place your order, and the discount will automatically apply.

Since this is our final Inkcredible Flash Sale, we wanted to make it last a little longer than the others, so we’re keeping this special offer on the table until midnight Friday. After that, we’ll officially say fair well to our Inkcredible Flash Sale!

Have a great week!


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