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New Keycaps are coming this Memorial Day!

After weeks of buildup, hype, and anticipation, we’re finally ready to reveal the flight plan for our BIG Memorial Day Launch! We’re still days away from making our final approach, but it’s best that you know what to expect and how the launch will work before we get there. You better buckle up, because this Memorial Day is going to be a real game changer…thanks to our new custom Custom Keycaps! Already hyped? Be sure to sign up for our Memorial Day email list so you're the first in line when these go live. And then keep reading to learn more about this highly anticipated new product...

This brand new custom product is coming to the Inked Gaming collection on May 30th, and we think it’ll  make a great addition to your battlestation setup. These Spacebars can feature either pre-designed or custom artwork, which can give your keyboard and battlestation the vibrant, unique look that you’ve been searching for. Both the Art and Custom Keycaps measure 6.25u and are 1.5 mm thick, making them fit for most ANSI layout Mechanical Keyboards, including Razer Huntsman TE, Keychron K4 V2, Rosewill RK-9000, CM Storm QuickFire XTDucky One 2 MiniAnne Pro 2Max Blackbird TKL, and more!

We told you that our PC gamers had a lot to look forward to this Memorial Day, and we weren’t kidding. In addition to the Keycap launch, we’re presenting a collection of exclusive bundles that include matching Keycaps and Mousepad art. We’ll be offering a special discount on these bundles just for Memorial Day!


As we mentioned in our previous posts, these Keycaps have been in development for over a year, and after we were finally able to get them in our hands, we wanted to wait for the perfect time to introduce them. It’s hard to be secretive when you’re so psyched about a new product launch, but now that we’ve lifted the curtain, so to speak, we can just focus on being excited about the big day ahead. And right now, we hope that after learning more about what we have planned, you’re just as psyched as we are!

There are still more updates and announcements to come over the next week, so don’t take your eyes off the horizon just yet! And if you haven’t done so already, be sure to sign up for our Memorial Day email list!


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