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New Artist Feature: Fleeting Ember

With so many talented artists bringing their gifts to the Inked Gaming collection, we thought it would be fun to start up a new series that introduces some of the latest designers to join our community. If you’re a subscriber, you probably get a few emails every now and then that focus on a specific artist and their work. If you’re a frequent visitor to our site or follow us on social media, you know all about our weekly New Art Fridays and monthly New Art Spotlights. 

Sure, those posts cover and introduce a lot of different artists/designs, but we wanted something that focuses on just one new artist and the magic that they add to our growing collection of goods. Fleeting Ember is one of the latest artists to grace us with their gifts, which we’re more than happy to have featured on our gaming mats and desk pads. Once you see the beautiful work that they have to offer, you’ll understand why.

We’ll start with Fleeting Ember’s bio and then jump into the work itself. Here’s a little background straight from the artist themselves: 

“I'm Louise Goalby, a mother of 2 and a digital artist who also goes by the tag Fleeting_Ember. I have been working within the digital art industry for over 10 years through freelancing for both personal and commercial contracts, as well as building my own online presence and running various stores. I am based in the UK and as well as being a total nerd when it comes to gaming, I also have always loved both animals and fantasy creatures. Please keep up to date with all my current works by checking me out on Instagram (@fleeting_ember) Thank you!”

As we’ve noted in previous posts, our artists come from all over the world. It’s amazing having such talented individuals be a part of our growing community of designers, especially when they come all the way from the UK…and beyond.

With all that said, let’s have a peek at Fleeting Ember’s wild side:


As you can see, Fleeting Ember takes animalistic artwork to a whole new level with their brilliant use of colors and tones. Some actually look like paintings that were done with a brush and palette in hand. Of course, there’s more to see, but we thought we would just give you a little taste of what Fleeting Ember has to offer. From here, we leave it up to you to look through their collection yourself and see if anything catches your eye.

Again, most of their work is featured on gaming mats and desk pads. So, if you’re looking for some fresh, fiery designs to spark your work and/or play, Fleeting Ember’s collection is a great place to start. Hopefully, we’ll see her work pop up on dice bags and day totes at some point, but for now, let’s just be grateful for the pieces we presently have available. Speaking of which, you can feel free to access Fleeting Ember’s collection page by clicking HERE. If you’re suddenly inspired by a specific art, be sure to add it to your cart!

There are more artists to learn about and more designs to see, so please join us here again for another New Artist Feature!


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