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New Art Spotlight: December 2022

It’s almost the end of December, and that means in just a few short days, we’ll be ringing in a new year! But before we flip the calendar to 2023, there’s one last little gift hiding under the tree that we’ve been looking forward to sharing with you. All of our New Art Spotlights are special, but there’s nothing like the last one that we post to close out the year. The arts that we picked for this final NAS of 2022 are fun, vibrant, colorful, and beautifully designed by three gifted artists who we’re proud to have as part of our community!

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Full Moon

Full Moon

Artist: Carbon Beaver

We are a team of artists from Greece, passionate about MTG and Yu-gi-oh. Most of our designs draw inspiration from our favorite games, with a few original pieces here and there. Hope you like them!
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Wandering Mage

Wandering Mage

Artist: Kyle Pearson

My name is Kyle Pearson, I am a freelance Illustrator and Designer and am happy to do commission work for anyone.

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Cathulu Pattern

Cathulu Pattern

Artist: Katelyn McCaigue

Katelyn McCaigue is an Arizona-based monster and comic artist. She has self-published multiple works over ten years, working as a professional artist. These include original comics and 5th edition compendiums & monster books. Katelyn is also a touring comic convention artist across the United States. Along with her self-published work, Katelyn has also been a contributing artist on multiple other works including board games, major published comics, card games, tarot cards, and cover art for books. 

When she isn’t creating art, she loves hanging out with her three shiba inu babies and husband. Katelyn is also an avid player of Dungeons and Dragons, video games, and board/card games. Overall, she is a huge nerd and loves all things dragons & monsters!

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This is our last New Art Spotlight of 2022, and we’re super excited to ring in the new year with some new art being printed on our gear. You’re going to like what you see in 2023!

Happy New Year


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