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New Art Spotlight: August 2022

We were hoping to see some more amazing art come to our collection this August, and thanks to the talented members of the Inked Gaming artist community, our wish was granted! We welcomed a horde of delightful designs to our site, all of which are now featured across our premium selection of gear. Of course, we couldn’t say adios to August until we showcased the three designs that we picked for this month’s New Art Spotlight.

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Scarlet Blade Wielder

Scarlet Blade Wielder
Artist: Clayscence

Vanette Kosman (aka Clayscence) is a digital artist from Montevideo, Uruguay.

She specializes in the feminine figure and the fantasy theme, using different styles such as manga, realistic and American drawing, but always giving her works a personal signature style.

Her drawings can be seen in various book covers, video games, and advertising.

She is currently working as a freelancer, selling her drawings all over the world.


Social Links:







Sapphire Medallion

 Sapphire Medallion

Artist: Sue Ellen Brown

I’m an old-school fantasy illustrator, from the days before anyone even thought of digital. Responsible for the original MTG Medallion cards, Tempest series, and my own Dracoserific alphabet – a font made entirely of dragons. Happy to spell your name in fire.

Social Links:

Most of my design work can be found on my Instagram page @listener_alters, but I'm most active on Twitter as @ListenerElf. The best place to find me is at


Appeal to Nature

Appeal to Nature

Artist: Fu3lman

Love art and go out of my way to try new methods/applications to create it.

Social Links:

My Deviantart page can be found at


Let’s have a spectacular September…together!


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