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Kraken Cards’ First Anniversary

No joke, April 1st, 2022 is a BIG day for both Kraken Cards and Inked Gaming, as it marks one year since Kraken opened its doors to gamers, both online and in person. Actually, if you had told us five years ago that we would be celebrating the one-year anniversary of a storefront spawned by Inked Gaming on April 1st, we would definitely think you were playing an April Fools' joke on us. But, from here on, whenever we see it on our calendar, April 1st will be the day that we commemorate and celebrate how far Kraken Cards has come.

Ever since the soft opening back in 2021, Kraken has been a hit with gamers/collectors in our hometown of Corvallis, Oregon…and beyond.

Some of you may remember that we teased this venture a lot back in late 2020, into early 2021, and based on the results, our hard work and your patients and support have really paid off in the long run. Let’s be honest, none of this would have been possible without you. We’re only able to celebrate this milestone because of the support that you’ve shown for both Inked and Kraken over these past 12 months. That’s why we’re using this time to reciprocate with a fun online sale that will run from April 1st - April 3rd!

We don’t want to spoil the surprise before the 1st, so all we will tell you is that it involves a certain card pack that will be sent out to anyone who goes on a nice little shopping spree through our site. Let’s just say the risk-takers and mystery lovers will have something to look forward to. More details will be revealed on Friday!

With that, we hope that you will take advantage of this special anniversary sale, and thank you for your continued support!


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