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Internet provider offering cash and prizes for playing 21 hours of video games

I know, it sounds like a dream or just another underhanded PR stunt to get people to buy. I thought the same thing when I first caught wind of this story. However, once I started digging a little deeper into the details, I realized that this is actually on the level, so to speak, and can be quite rewarding to one lucky video gaming duo. 

Of course, this offer will only be available for a limited time and has a few rules for those who wish to participate. In what follows, we’ll go over the who, what, where, when of this story and then how you and a friend can possibly earn rewards for doing what you love most!

This story first came out back in late May, when Frontier (an internet service provider) made the announcement that they were going to be offering $2,000 and prizes to a pair of players just for playing video games for 21 hours. Essentially, Frontier is hiring four gamers (two sets of friends) to play video games for almost a full day, which will result in nice pay and a few more prizes as well. Those prizes include a Nintendo Switch Lite along with a bundle of newer and older games. 

At this point, I would be looking for a catch, but in this case, there isn’t really a catch, but more of a request. Once the pair of players have completed their 21 hours of gaming, Frontier asks that they provide feedback on their overall experience. They also want to know whether gaming is more fun with friends. I know it seems too easy and good to be true, but it may just be the opportunity of a lifetime for four lucky gamers. It sounds to me that the objective is easy. The hard part is being selected, as I’m sure everyone and their cousin will be applying. I can’t imagine how many people will be putting their names in for this.

So, how does it work? How do winners get selected? Well, the process is pretty simple and straightforward. Anyone who wishes to take part and have the chance to win must apply (as a pair) via Frontier’s website. All applicants must be current residents of the U.S. and 18 years or older. There are a few more preliminary hoops to jump through, but those are pretty simple. You can get more details and see for yourself by viewing the application page, which I’ve linked here

As I mentioned earlier, this offer has a deadline attached to it. Applications will only be accepted until June 18th at 11:59 pm PDT. So, once the clock strikes midnight in that time zone, the application process will be closed to all. From there, Frontier will wait about a week or so (June 25th) to announce the winners. 

By the time I’m finished typing this post and you’ve finished reading it, probably a thousand people will have finished signing up. So, I’m going to conclude here and leave you with another link to the application page. If you’re one of the lucky people to be selected, please leave me a message in the comments below and tell me all about it. I would appreciate it and your fellow readers would too.

Good luck!

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