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Inked Gaming’s Newest Arts and Artists of the Week

This week, we welcomed a great group of new artwork to our collection, one of which was from a new artist who has the potential to become quite popular among our customers. By now, we’ve developed a keen eye for talented artists and for artwork that our fellow gamers will love as the backdrop for their battles. 

When it comes to establishing your identity during a TCG or online battle, you need a playmat and/or desk pad that matches your game and style. And that’s why we love seeing the pieces below printed on our premium products. 

As always, if you spot something you like or wish to learn more about the artist behind the design, make sure to click through the links attached to each. Also, see if you can pick out which art comes from the new artist to join our community. Again, every new art and artist who comes our way is special, and the ones featured in this week’s list are no different.

See for yourself!


Plague DoctorPlague Doctor

Design by TDawn Maddox

The doctor is in!

Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams

Design by Zanza Harara

Did you know you were dreaming while you were asleep last night?


Alrech of Pisces

Alrech of Pisces

Design by Deltakosh

Beauty can be found in every battle!



Design by Melanie Shovelski

Go west, young ones! Go west!

Dragon Dawn

Dragon Dawn

Design by Stark Designs

Did anyone else see this flying around early this morning!




Design by Thomas McLean

“Thus always to tyrants.”

TDawn Maddox is one of the latest artists to join the Inked Gaming community. If they continue to deliver designs as cool as the Plague Doctor, we think they’ll be a regular on these lists. So far, TDawn Maddox has only submitted a few pieces, but we’re looking forward to seeing what they come up with next. The same goes for the other artists above. Again, if you saw a new favorite art, feel free to click the links and it to your cart today. 

See you next time!


Team Inked


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