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Inked Gaming’s Artist of the Week Feature: Kate Becker

Designer, creator, entrepreneur, business owner, and member of the Inked Gaming artist community. Kate Becker is a true renaissance in every sense of the word, and we’re proud to have her as one of this month’s Featured Artists of the Week. That means you’re going to be seeing a lot of Kate’s work pop up in emails, blogs, and social posts all week long!

When she’s not creating amazing fantasy art, Kate is running Mox Valley Games in Springfield, Oregon, not too far from our home in Corvallis. Like many of our artists, Kate is the creative mind behind a host of characters and creatures that are now featured in our collection. In fact, some of those characters and creatures are favorites among our followers.

They say that if you love what you do, then you’ve never had to work a day in your life. With Kate doing what she does every day for her business and for others who share her passion, we couldn’t agree more. The results speak for themselves. Kate has quickly developed a following and put together a portfolio of art that’s perfect for the products we print on. 

See for yourself:

catbird in the garden
Flying Laser Shark
Green Wurm
algae leviathan
Today, Kate is still delivering stunning designs for our collection. We recently added some new pieces to our site that have already captured the attention and imagination of our followers. 

Now you know why we always look forward to seeing what Kate comes up with next. That Enchanted Griffin was actually an entry from our first Draw This In Your Style Art Contest back in August. The others are popular pieces and personal favorites that our own team can’t get enough of.

Again, we’re going to be featuring Kate Becker’s work for a full week, so if you happen to spot any that you haven’t seen or really like, be sure to swing by her collection page and pick it out. You can learn more about Kate from the short bio that’s posted there as well. 

Talk soon!


Team Inked


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