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Inked Gaming’s Artist of the Week Feature: Colordrilos

Throughout December, we will be highlighting a host of awesome artists from our community in a weekly series that will feature their best, newest, and favorite designs. Those who have been following us for a while already know that the Inked Gaming artist community is made up of some of the most talented and passionate designers in the world!

Like us, most of these artists are avid gamers who feel the need to create and do what they love every day. These are the traits that have prompted us to team up with artists who send in their work from across the globe, which we’re proud to have printed on our premium products!

To kick things off, we will begin this series with an artist who has become a fan favorite among our followers ever since their art started popping up on our gear. It’s Colordrilos!

According to Colordrilos, ‘make everything colorful is their motto’, and ‘give you more reasons to show off against your opponent’ is their mission. Well, after seeing the fantastic designs that they’ve delivered over the years, we say: mission accomplished. But there’s still more to do.

If you look in their portfolio, you’ll find a plethora of pieces that feature characters and creatures that any gamer would love by their side during big battles. In fact, we have a few gamers on our team who use Colordrilos originals for work and play. Their colors are vibrant, their characters are cute, and their feel for what our followers want in a playmat, mousepad, or dice bag design is spot on. And that’s why every new Colordrilos piece that comes our way immediately gets printed on our best gear.

Speaking of, we recently had a couple of fresh Colordrilos designs come to our collection that are now featured on a handful of goods. Have a look:

Green Thumb Shiba
Ice Cream Cats

As you can see, Colordrilos is continuing to create vibrant, stunning designs that look even cooler in our collection. We only hope that these latest additions will become just as popular as some of the other pieces that we and our followers have come to know and love. Here are the designs that are still fresh in our minds:

Warrior Corgi


Try Me

 Earlier this year, Colordrilos was nice enough to participate in one of our Artist Spotlight features, in which they answered some fun interview questions that allowed them to introduce themselves to our followers. The questions we asked had to do with who they are, what they enjoy most, and what inspired them to consistently create such cool art. We even asked what kind of music they like to listen to while they’re doing their thing! 

You can read through Colordrilos’ Artist Spotlight interview HERE.

Over this week, we will be posting more about Colordrilos, including some of our team’s personal favorite pieces. Be on the lookout for those posts as they come out! We plan to have a lot of fun with this, and hope that you do too!

Talk soon!


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