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Inked Gaming’s Artist of the Week Feature: Allanvre

Well, we’ve reached the end of December, and thanks to our talented community of artists, this is one we’ll always remember. Over this last month, we’ve selected a handful of designers to highlight in our new Artist of the Week Feature, and during this last week of December, we’ve chosen the one and only…Allanvre!

With a portfolio that’s packed with such stunning, breathtaking pieces, Allanvre is an artist who makes magic every day. Since they joined the Inked Gaming community, their designs have made their way onto a host of our products, including playmats, dice bags, mousepads, mat bags, and more. As expected, these pieces have caught the attention of our customers and helped them to establish a vibrant identity that they’re proud to showcase during every tabletop battle and tournament. 

Here are some of the designs that our customers have really connected with:

New Horizons

In the Magic Forest

Magic Enchanted Ink

And there’s more where those came from. A lot more. In fact, one other design that many may recognize is Allanvre’s Mysterious Enchanted Griffin. This is one design that we actually hold close to our hearts because it was the winner of the Draw This In Your Style Art Contest that we held over the summer. Those who participated and/or voted should remember this one.

Mysterious Enchanted Griffin

Like all the artists who come our way, we want to learn as much as we can about them, that way we can properly introduce them to our customers. So, when Allanvre agreed to be interviewed for our Artist Spotlight feature, we were over the moon. Just as we hoped, Allanvre is fun, full of life, and a true philosopher when it comes to making magic both on and off the digital canvas. Click HERE to read Allanvre’s full Artist Spotlight interview. We think you’ll enjoy it!

With that, we plan to put Allanvre’s art at the forefront of our site and social media all week long. So, keep an eye out for those fun posts as they come out. In the meantime, you should shoot over to Allanvre’s collection page and check out all the awesome gear and goods we have with their work printed on them. There, we’re confident that you’ll find a new favorite art, and when you do, be sure to add it to your cart!


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