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How to Thrive in the Inked Gaming Artist Program

Hopefully, we’ve already made this clear, but if you’re new here, allow us to once again say that we LOVE our artists. We’ll never get tired of saying that. The Inked Gaming artist community is made up of talented, passionate artists from all over the world. These artists give our gear (and our fellow gamers) the unique look and style that they deserve, and we want to see them take advantage of every opportunity we offer.

The Inked Gaming artist program gives independent artists the chance to earn both recognition and commission for their work. Since we covered the steps on how to join the program in a previous blog, we thought it would be fun to list the different ways for artists to thrive in the program once they’ve signed up.

Before we dive in, I would like to thank our Artist Representative, Eevee, for all that they do and for helping us with the info below. Again, we want to see ALL of our designers grow in the artist program, and if you stick to these steps, you’ll be able to do just that! 

Here are six steps to help you thrive in the Inked Gaming artist program!

1. Follow the Rules of Art Uploads

Making sure your files are ready to go (including proper naming convention and file type) BEFORE you submit them is key to getting your art listed on your page quicker. This also helps us to save time on our end to better serve you in other ways! For more on our rules and requirements for uploads (and to make sure you're always uploading your art correctly), please visit our Art Instructions page.

2. Self-Promotion

Be proud of the work that you've listed with us, and show it off to the world! Use your unique collection link in your posts to send your followers and fans to your awesome merch! And don't forget our self-promotion kit to help get you started. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself whenever, wherever, and however you can!

3. Frequent Art Uploads

That’s right, we want you to upload work as often as you can. Artists who upload several times a year have better sales (on average) than those who only upload a few times a year. In this game, the more you put in, the more you get out! So, if you have a whole collection of designs that should be showcased, don’t be shy, send them our way!

4. Create Art Based on Current Trends

We want everyone to be in the loop. That’s why, every Friday, we give our artists the inside scoop as to which art styles and products are trending among our customers. We highly encourage using these weekly emails to your advantage when listing art with us, especially if you're looking to boost your sales.

5. Add Your Art to Many Products

While our playmats and mousepads are the best selling-products at Inked Gaming, the best way to sell your art is by putting it onto any of our other amazing products. Only have your designs on playmats and mousepads? Try adding them to dice bags and playmat bags too!

6. Communicate with Your Artist Representative

Is your artist page in need of an updated look? Haven't uploaded art in a LOOONG time and need help? Have a general question about the Artist Program? Please bring any and all questions (even stupid ones) to Eevee at Eevee is your trusty representative, liaison, and  #1 fan. Eevee is a great resource for all of our artists, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them for help!

Those who follow the tips/steps above will find themselves not only thriving in the Inked Gaming artist program, but reaching the next level of their journey. Since the day we opened our doors, one of our main goals has been to support independent artists from all over, in any way we can. The artist program is designed to help us achieve this goal, and see to it that these artists receive all the commissions and recognition possible for doing what they love most!

With that said, if you’re an artist who has yet to join our community or program, we hope that this post helped open your eyes to all the awesome opportunities that await you. No matter your style, passion, or creative prowess, Inked Gaming is a place where artists of all walks can showcase their one-of-a-kind designs…and have them printed on premium pieces of gear.

Our world is growing every week, and we would love to see you become a part of it! Feel free to leave us any comments or questions in the section below!


Team Inked


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