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Game On the Go: Stylish Travel Companions from Inked Gaming

Whether it’s a battle on someone else’s turf, a treacherous trek, or a long journey to a tourney, you need something stylish and secure to carry your goods. From playmats, to dice, cards, game boards, and more, we have accessories that were specifically designed to carry your trove of gaming treasures. 

So, if you’re planning on doing more gaming on the go this year, you’re going to love some of the pieces that we have for hauling your gear. What’s even cooler is that these items are also available in both custom and in-house art styles. That means you can carry your goods securely while showcasing your unique personality at the same time. 

Let’s start with the bags that keep your playmats protected anywhere in any weather and go from them!

Playmat Bags

Gone are the days of awkwardly carrying your playmat under your arm! These specially designed bags not only protect your playmat, but also make a statement about your unique gaming style. Each bag is handcrafted with water-resistant materials and fitted with a sturdy drawstring and carabiner clip to promote comfort and secure closure when carrying.

Skull King Playmat Bag

With a variety of sizes and eye-catching designs, these playmat bags are the epitome of convenience, protecting your gaming surface and making you the envy of your gaming group. If you can’t find a favorite in-house art, you can always personalize a playmat bag of your very own!

Dice Bags

Speaking from personal experience, no adventurer should be without a trusty dice bag, and Inked Gaming has some of the best on the market. Inked Gaming Dice Bags feature soft, premium materials both inside and out. Even the most precious gems and goodies will be perfectly stored and secured in these bags.

The Astronomer Dice Bag

From vibrant colors to intricate patterns, these dice bags add a touch of personality to your gaming setup. Keep your favorite set of dice safe and sound, ready to roll when you need them most. The drawstring closure ensures that your dice stay put, and the compact size means you can easily toss it in your bag for spontaneous gaming sessions. 

Gaming Bags

For us, a Day Tote always does the trick. With enough room to carry board games, playmats, dice, notebooks, and other essentials, our Day Totes are perfect for anyone tasked with bringing the whole battle to the field. Since they offer both custom and in-house art options, these Tote Bags are also great for showing off your swag wherever you go.

The Goodest Boy in the Wasteland Day Tote

Each bag is sturdy and fitted with soft nylon straps for extra comfort no matter how long you carry it…or how heavy the load is. In fact, this bag is so versatile that you can even use it for carrying groceries, beach towels, or anything else during your daily adventures.

Inked Gaming's Playmat Bags, Dice Bags, and Day Totes are more than just accessories – they're essential tools for leveling up your travel game. Again, each piece has both in-house art and custom options available, giving you the power to express yourself on every journey. So, if you’re tired of stuffing your playmat in a backpack or having your hands full whenever you have to travel to another battle, these items should be on your list.

Whether you're heading to a gaming convention, a friend's house, or just doing your daily grind, do it in style with these portable wonders that redefine gaming on the go!

Happy Gaming!


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