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Find Your Treasure In Inked’s New Clearance Section!

Adventure by David North

Art: Adventure by David North

Greetings loyal gamers, friends of gamers, and anyone just passing through for the day! We hope your month has been going well so far and that you’re getting excited for the upcoming holiday weekend (and our upcoming Memorial Day Weekend Sale).

The Inked Gaming Team has another exciting announcement for you this week. We know how much everyone loves sales and deals (we do too), so we have created an Inked Gaming Clearance Section on our site in order to offer you guys a more consistent way to get awesome PC and Tabletop gaming accessories at lower prices.

All products in the clearance section are going to be 75% off their normal price! (I’m serious, they’re that cheap.) This means you could get something like a 11” x 9” computer mouse pad for only $2.99! (Shipping rates still apply).

To top it all off, these products are all still held to our normal quality standards and control. We aren’t putting misprints or screw ups into clearance. Our clearance section is only going to be filled with old stock that we have in-house for one reason or another. This stock can range from old mat and pad sizes that we’re no longer actively making, old store art, or things that we prepared in bulk and haven’t sold out of yet. So…. there’s really no reason to not take a peak at this section to see what we’re offering you at dirt cheap prices.

Our clearance section will be regularly updated as items are sold out or added to clearance. I highly recommend checking back often to see what hot new deals are available today. We have more than a few products, which means more than a few deals are going to be available. You never know, you might be able to find the best large gaming mousepad you’ve ever owned, for less than I spend on my coffee every morning. Or, maybe you find a design that really inspires you while playing, but that won’t be offered in-store anymore after our clearance stock of it has run out.

Of course, if you want to design your own mouse pad or playmat, we are still happy to help you out with that process… those products just are not on clearance. You can check out our Custom Products section to see sizes and prices for those items. I also recommend jumping over to our Art Instructions page to learn about what you need to do to submit your art to us correctly for whatever you want to buy. We are also still offering apparel, playmats, mouse pads, dice bags, binders and our other normal products at their regular prices on the rest of our site, so be sure to check that out.

If you have any questions or need help placing any of your orders with us, send an email over to We are always happy to answer questions and help out to the best of our ability. Or, if you want to make sure you stay in the loop with our deals, announcements, and memes, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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