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Featured Artist: Kyle Pearson

Featured Artist: Kyle Pearson

Kyle Pearson is a freelance illustrator and designer who takes a lot of his inspiration from artists including Bastion Lecoufee-deharme, Anna Podedworna, and Seb McKinnon. He states that his inspiration comes from looking at the art of other artists, and those three are some of the greats to find inspiration in. His dramatic scenes of one focal point are an inspiring shout-out to some of his inspirations, Lecoufee deharme and McKinnon, while also utilizing varying types of tone and color that you see more in Podedworna’s work. Kyle blends these three styles quite well – and you see a little bit of each of his inspirations in each of his pieces. His favorite type of art is mixed digital media.

He also works in home renovations and restorations – which is an art in of itself – and loves to read, play video games, and hang out with his wife and new baby in his free time. When asked what type of music he enjoys jamming to, he stated that he enjoys listening to audio books more than music. We told Kyle that he is now a new addition to our crayon box and asked what color his crayon would be. He confidently answered that he would be mint - classy and refreshing.

Abyssal Sea Angel By Kyle Pearson

Looking at Kyle’s art, you’ll notice that his color usage is beautiful, varied, and vibrant. You can tell a lot with color, and Kyle puts that on full display in his work. Naturally, when asked "If your style was edible, what would it be?" he stated "sushi" because of the color variety. One could argue that the act of making sushi is an art, and Kyle’s work reflects that in many ways.

The question that many artists grapple with at the end of their work is, “How do you know when your art is finished (if ever)?” Well, (much like me writing this blog) Kyle responded that he usually feels done with his work when it’s only getting worse the more stuff I do.

Thank you, Kyle, for stopping by and chatting with us for a bit! Be sure to check out Kyle’s work here on!

Fused Lance By Kyle Pearson

If your art style was a food, what would it be? Write it in the comments!

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