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Draw This in Your Style Art Challenge

This one is for the talented designers who make up the Inked Gaming Artist program! After seeing so many amazing arts and artists come our way, Team Inked has finally decided to move forward with a fun little contest that we’re hoping ALL of our artists will take part in! 

The contest will challenge the skills & imagination of those who choose to participate. For this first contest, we’ve asked these artists to draw/create a mythical creature of our choosing in their own style. That’s why we’re calling it the Draw This In Your Style (or DTIYS) Challenge!

Note: In order to be eligible for this contest, all artists must be 18 years or older and currently located in the US. 

June should be quite a fun month for our artists, but the real fun begins on July 1st, which is when all designs must be submitted. However, we encourage artists to begin sending in their designs as early as June 27th, that way our team has time to prepare them for the next stage. Once all entries have been accepted, we will post them on our site and welcome the entire Inked Gaming community to vote for their favorites!

Yes, for the second phase of this contest, we’ll be calling on EVERYONE to enter their votes and help us decide which arts/artists will be crowned at the end of the month. Voting will open on July 1st and close on July 29th. After that, we’ll use the time remaining to tally up the votes and announce the three winners

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that our followers and fellow gamers feel just as strongly about art, expression, and creativity as we do. In fact, most of the artists in our program are passionate gamers themselves, which gives them the inspiration to create some of the most memorable characters, creatures, and landscapes that we’ve ever seen. 

With that said, we would really like to see the entire Inked Gaming community come together for this very first Art Challenge…and the ones that we have planned for the future.

We’re super excited to see what you all come up with!


Team Inked


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