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Content in Focus: Tolarian Tutor: Thoughtseize and Hand Disruption - Improve Your Magic: The Gathering Gameplay

If you have been around the Magic: The Gathering community for any substantial period of time, you will have run across one of our favorites, Tolarian Community College (TCC)! 

TCC and Magic: The Gathering go hand in hand. Many times, “The Professor” is the first content creator that new Magic players are exposed to when they are first exploring the world that we all love. Many times, The Tolarian Tutor series is a place where new players go to start improving their games and taking their game to the “next level.”

After a hiatus of quite a while for this particular mini series, “Tolarian Tutor” is back and better than ever. With expert analysis from recent MTG Grand Finals Top 8 Competitor and Rivals member, Emma Handy, the intricacies of the game are dissected and given to you in digestible pieces.


We highly recommend checking out this video if you're looking to improve your game and your thought processes in your next Magic: The Gathering match! TCC and Emma Handy have years and years of experience, article writing, video producing, and Thoughtseizing their opponents! We hope that you take the next step with this video and beyond!

Until next time,

May you never turn 1 Fetch + Shock + Thoughtseize your burn opponent,

Mitch Gross

Inked Gaming

Author: The Shop Magic: The Gathering Tolarian Community College


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