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Coming Soon: Memorial Day Launch

This is an update letting you know that we’ve checked our radar, and we’re slowly approaching what we originally thought was a small moon. But, after doing some additional scanning, we realized that it’s no moon (or a space station), it’s our Memorial Day Launch…and it’s closer than you think!

This year, we’re hitting the launch button on a special product that we think PC gamers are going to love. We could tell you all about it now…BUT WHERE’S THE FUN IN THAT? For now, we’ll just tell you that this product has been in the works for over a year, and we’re finally ready for it to blast off this month! 

With all of our plans in place, this MAY be Inked Gaming’s coolest Memorial Day yet!

Memorial Day Launch

There are going to be a lot of updates and announcements coming out over these next few weeks, so now’s the time to sign up for our Memorial Day email list, that way you don’t miss a thing. Our emails keep you up to date with the latest going on inside the Inked Gaming sphere and really come in handy during big launches like this. Trust us, now’s the time to take the next step into a larger world…ours! Be sure to sign up as soon as you can and keep your eyes on the horizon!


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