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Comfy Face Covers with Straps Show Promise for Inked Gaming Customers

face covers/masks with straps for comfort

As the staff here at Inked set out to make sure we were providing face masks as soon as possible for the general public, we always had the idea of wanting to come up with a more comfortable alternative to the behind the ear model.

First off, we designed our ear savers, found here. These ear savers not only allow you to wear your mask for longer periods of time, but they also provide a nice way for you to make sure that you are putting the mask on correctly each time. 

Second, we set out to find a way to create a mask that was easy to put on, didn’t require ear savers, and showcased artwork seamlessly for a more stylish and sleek feel. Once we started offering our “Face Covers with Straps,” we knew that we had found something special.

With hundreds of orders in the first month of offering our behind the head face cover model, we have begun adding more and more artwork to these masks. With no seam down the middle of your face, we are able to showcase artwork that is not just a pattern. We can provide customers with full art pieces across the mask.

As more science comes out about Covid-19, we are seeing that wearing a mask alongside social distancing is one of the best combinations you can use to protect yourself and others. But, as stores, restaurants, and bars are reopening, many are seeing spikes in cases as we enter phase two reopening. As the general public starts to go back to their lives, there will be more of a need for masks until a vaccine is developed, which has a projection of arriving sometime in early to mid 2021. 

We are confident that our Face Covers with Straps are some of the most comfortable face masks you will find on the market. We hope that you give them a try next time you are looking for protection for you, your loved ones, and your community.

Thank you for being a special part of the Inked Gaming community. With your help, we have raised over 50 thousand face masks for healthcare workers across the United States.

Stay safe,

Mitch Gross

Inked Gaming


Mitch Gross, an employee of Inked Gaming, has a 4-year Public Health degree from Oregon State University and has a passion for epidemiology and mental health in addition to his love for everything gaming related.

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