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Bundle Special For A Limited Time

playmat bundle special


Playmats and playmat bags go hand in hand. Or mat in bag… Our new bundle brings two of our great products together in a very logical and stylish way. Our playmat bags can fit 1-2 mats, easily, while providing water resistance. Something us folks in Oregon can really appreciate. Our playmats are even machine washable, in case things get crazy.

Seriously though, when purchasing a playmat bag with your playmat, it’s nice to know that your investment is being protected and that the life of your playmat is extended.

This deal is good for any standard, oversize, or two player store playmat paired with a standard playmat bag or two player store playmat bag (Sorry, no custom artwork please).

Remember, they need to be paired up for the deal to work.

For example:

2 playmats + 1 playmat bag = 10% off of just one of the playmats and one playmat bag.