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BIG Kickstarter Announcement!

While working around the clock to bring our first Kickstarter campaign to life, keeping our customers and potential backers in the loop every step of the way is a top priority. We recently sent out some updates letting everyone know that the project would be delayed because we weren’t happy with the final sample we received and wanted to launch with samples we were happy with.

Well, this week, we’re excited to tell you that the latest samples we received are awesome, and we are very happy with the way they look. Due to this recent development, we are also proud to announce that the timeline for the Kickstarter launch is back on the books.

With the samples and other elements of this project falling into place, we have marked our calendars for tomorrow, August 17th. This is the new official launch date for our Kickstarter, which will begin an epic 30-day campaign that we are sure everyone will enjoy. During that time, we will be introducing our new batch of products, including CUSTOM SLEEVES, playmat tubes, and deck boxes. All of these items will have both artist-designed and custom options, 

Even though we’ve faced some delays and challenges during the development of this project, the process has been a fun one, and we appreciate all of those who continue to support us. These delays have actually given us the chance to step back and tinker with new ways to make this first Kickstarter experience even more awesome!

With that said, have you signed up for our SMS yet? If not, now is the time to get your name on the list. When the campaign blasts off, you'll be the first to know with a special alert. You’ll also have the chance to get in on a special early offer that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of. Just ping us with "KICKSTARTER" at +1 (855) 653-2517, and prepare for some serious perks!

Big shoutout for being the wind beneath our wings. Your rock-solid support means the world to us on this ride! Stay tuned for more updates! See you tomorrow!


Team Inked


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