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Announcement: Magnets are now available

There’s a lot going on inside Inked Gaming this month, especially in our new product section! As you know, we’re adding fun new products to our site each day, and this is one that we’ve been looking forward to revealing for a while now. You better make some room on your refrigerator, because we now have magnets on our site that are absolutely marvelous!

You might be thinking that if you’ve seen one magnet, you’ve seen them all, but you’ll soon learn that these particular magnets are more powerful than most, both literally and figuratively. How so? Well, through their overall design and the brilliant artwork that we’ve printed on them. Let’s just say that you, your fridge, and friends will feel the instant attraction.

Here’s a list of the seven designs options that we currently have available for these magnets:

  • Baerthe’s The Winter Sun
  • Char Reed’s Fairy Steed
  • Francisco Mendez’s Air Battle
  • Liiga Smilshkalne’s Saker
  • Schiraki’s Fading
  • Tsaoshin’s Against The Storm 
  • Tsaoshin’s One Of Us

  • Imagine what this Saker design from Liiga Smilshkalne will look like on your fridge:

    We may only have seven arts featured on these magnets right now, but just give us time. Pretty soon we’ll have more designs printed on these magnets and it might be even more of a challenge for you to just pick one...or two. Heck, you can even make a whole collage, if you’ve got the room for it.

    Feel free to click the links in the list above for a better view of each magnet design and if you see one that really catches your eye, be sure to snag one for yourself before someone else grabs them all. 


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