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And the winner of Inked Gaming’s first Draw This In Your Style Art Contest is…

Congratulations to Allanvre! After tallying up all the votes submitted over the month of July, we are happy to announce that Allanvre’s Mysterious Enchanted Griffin is the winning design of our first DTIYS art challenge! 

BIG thanks to everyone, from the designers to the voters, for participating in this monumental event and for making it fun for everyone…including us!

With an artist program that’s packed with so many talented designers, we knew that we were going to receive some pretty amazing-looking art for this contest. And we were right. How can you go wrong when you ask such a talented group to design a griffin using their own unique artistic style to create a griffin, right?

Eight griffins were submitted for this contest, and we absolutely LOVE every one of them. But, we also knew that only one would fly higher than the rest, so to speak, once the votes started pouring in. Little by little, Allanvre’s Mysterious Enchanted Griffin began to take flight before our eyes, and has now landed in the winner’s circle as the 1st prize victor!

We wanted to get Allanvre’s reaction to the results and find out what it feels like to our first DTIYS contest winner. So, we attached some questions for them in our congratulations message…and here’s how they responded!

As our first-place winner, tell us how you're feeling about your victory!

I feel as if my muse pulled the moon a little closer.

You followed the prompt for the contest, but your design was very unique! What led to your design choices?

It wasn't my plan to stray from the example that much, but curiosity led to some playful experiments. And there I was, hours later, having a completely different griffin than the one I had in mind.

Each design was given a special name for the contest. Do you believe that the name Mysterious Enchanted Griffin fit your design well? If so, how? If not, what name would you have given your design instead and why?

Better, but not much different than my working title! :D I bet you could guess what that was!


Your designed griffin has come to life right before your eyes! What would you do?

Well, I'd toss the beastie a snack or two (to be sure I'm not on the menu). Then, finally, I'd have a use for that deluxe griffin bed I impulse-bought at the enchanted pet store years ago.

Any other final words about your win or a special message that you would like to add?

Yeah, to whoever is reading this, If you're holding too much in your life right now, accomplish less and Cherish more. (if you don't have enough on your plate somehow, learn some polyvagal science, because it's a fascinating game-changer.) Thanks for your time, and thanks for your votes!

Thank you, and congratulations again, Allanvre! Awesome Job! 

As the 1st prize winner of our DTIYS contest, Allanvre receives a $150 Inked Gaming gift card to go along with a free gift bundle. That bundle includes a playmat with their Mysterious Enchanted Griffin printed on it, a Random dice bag, a Random playmat bag, and a special Inked Gaming beanie.

Again, we send out our gratitude and appreciation to everyone who participated in this challenge. We couldn’t have done it without you. And we won’t be able to do the next one without you, either.

Yes, based on the success and support that we saw during this contest, we’re planning on setting up another one sometime soon. We’re not exactly sure when, but just be aware that we have one in the works, and we’re super excited to see what our artist community does with it this time around. 

See you soon!


Team Inked


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