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Affiliate Spotlight: TsaoShin

Hello everyone and welcome to our first installment of the Inked Gaming Affiliate Spotlight, where we show off a different affiliate each week. Today we're kicking off the series with an artist we've had on the site for quite some time now, Eric "TsaoShin" Proctor! He's gotten quite popular for his adorable mashups of Pokemon and other well-known characters. You may know him from his most popular works, Banana Split, Gotcha, and Jammy Jam, but his twitter is full of excellent doodles of the highest quality.



Of course there's more to TsaoShin than just what's on our awesome playmats. TsaoShin regularly gives back to the community with awesome digital art tutorials on his YouTube channel, and streams on Twitch.Tv.


Watch live video from TsaoShin on www.twitch.tv