Jordan Spikes

Designs by Ken Meyer, Jr.

Please help us in welcoming Ken Meyer, Jr. to the Inked Playmats community!  We are very excited to have such a talented artist collaborating with us in our efforts to provide our community with access to the best designs for their gaming accessories.

Ken Meyer Jr. started work as a freelance artist while still in college. He has completed hundreds of pieces of art a year for the last 25 years while working full time in industries such as online education, web development, online games and more. These companies have included Sony Online, where he worked as a texture artist on the popular game, Everquest, as well as military contracts, one of which involved the then classified Stealth Fighter. Freelance clients have included The American Cancer Society, RAINN, The Savannah College of Art and Design, the creator of the Veronica Mars television show, Marvel Comics, Wizards of the Coast (makers of arguably the biggest role playing game ever, Magic the Gathering), White Wolf Games, and many more. He regularly does portraits (human and pet) and other types of work for the general public.  [Excerpt taken from Ken's website]

Now that we have adequately introduced Ken, let's take a look at the great designs he has submitted!

laymats are available with any of these deigns for $19.99 (plus shipping) at our online store.

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