Jordan Spikes

Release the Kraken(Mat)!

The HeavyMeta contest has concluded and the the victors have been crowned.  Congratulations to the winning designers: 







These crackin' playmats will be featured on our HeavyMeta page until the end of time.  But as a bonus, we will be featuring all of the entries until July 14th.  This is a good thing, as there were so many amazing entries to choose from!  Make sure you check them all out!

Big thanks to the communities of HeavyMeta and Brainstorm Brewery for rallying around this idea and turning it into something great.  Also, props to Kraken Rum for supporting this contest.

Also, be sure to follow @KevyMetall and @MattyStudios on Twitter, because there may be a little something extra that they will be sharing with their followers...

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