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Design Roundup

Here's a summary of the designs we have added recently(ish).  Be sure to check them out on the website!


Jackson Howard, by Krystian Majewski

We'll let Krystian (@krystman) introduce himself and his design:

"I'm a designer from Cologne in Germany. I also record a lot of Netrunner videos. I noticed that a lot of playmats are visually busy, which unnecessarily obscures the actual game. I wanted to create a mat with iconic visuals but one that doesn't distract from what is going on. The Idea came when I was listening to an episode of the Terminal 7 podcast. Leigh Alexander was on the show and they were discussing some fascinating ideas and theories about the lore of Netrunner and the NBN corporation. They mentioned that Jackson Howard is somewhat reminiscent of Walt Disney. I really liked the comparison and ended up creating a hypothetical logo for him.

I think he works really well as a subject because so many corp decks use that card. At the same time, the lore also connects him to a lot of the runner cards as well, especially the Chaos Theory identity. So I hope the motif will be enjoyed by a wide spectrum of players."


Alpha and Omega, by Caroline Sébayhi

Legendary Battle, by Caroline Sébayhi

 Caroline Sébayhi has provided some amazing Pokémon-inspired designs, which you can read more about here.


The Factory, by Josh Putz

Josh Putz, otherwise known as @TheProxyGuy on Twitter, first came on our radar during the #KrakenMat competition we helped facilitate with the crew at HeavyMeta and Brainstorm Brewery (you can read more about that here and here).  He is best known for the beautiful proxy Magic cards he creates, but his designs for other things are just as nice.  


Danger Room


Danger Room (Two-Player)

Marvel Dicemasters is quite a popular game, and we have the luxury of having a few great designs to enhance the game-playing experience. 


Numotfish, by Kamil

Yeeeessss Kenji, Yeeeeeessss!!  Streamer NumotTheNummy (Kenji Egashira) had this playmat designed for him to use during Grand Prix Portland.  We hope to Kamil designs some more mats for us in the future!


Awesome Plays, by Flinxz

Flinx is at it again, providing yet another (pop)culturally relevant design. Buy this and be awesome--it says so on the cover!


Lost Dream, by Dave Greco

If haunting imagery is something you like, then look no further than Dave Greco's Lost Dream.  Side note: I can't look at this design without being reminded of The NeverEnding Story.


Invoking the Djinn, by Riiven

Wizardry, by Riiven

Michael 'Riiven' is an artist/illustrator with an intense passion for fantasy.  His work spans a multitude of mediums. Whether it's pencil on paper, inks, oils, acrylics, a tablet or a mouse he's always in his element. His signature style focuses on the importance of mood and can be described as verging on the abstract.


Sassafras Roots, by Davey Cadaver

See With More Than Your Eyes, by Davey Cadaver

Stuffed Animals, by Davey Cadaver

Davey Cadaver is one of Portland Oregon's most beloved artists and MTG players. After several top 8 finishes, he won the 2013 Magic: the Gathering State Championship with his UW Tempo deck featuring Master of Waves. Davey's artwork has gained him international recognition and he has avid collectors all over the world. "It is a dream come true to finally be able to play my favorite game on my own playmat!"


That's it for now, but look for even more designs in the future!