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25 Fun Things To Do With Card Sleeves

25 Things To Do With Card Sleeves

Card SleevesWhat can you do with them?

Well, you can sleeve cards. Obviously.

But I hear you thinking, “I am a clever person. I should be able to do something with these things besides sleeving cards.” And you would be correct. You are both clever, and a person. Unless you are a dog. Then good on you, who’s a good boy? And yes, you can do much more than just sleeve cards with them.

  1. Instead of just putting the birthday money inside the birthday card, you can put it in a sleeve, so if soda at the party gets spilled on the presents then at least the money will not be sticky and smell of Coke. (Yes, I am looking at you cousin Robert. You know what you did.) 
  2. Seeds. Take a few sleeves with you on your nature hike. When you see that pretty flower or plant, you have a handy seed carrying case for the seeds. Extra points if you use a green sleeve to do it with. 
  3. Camping shot glass. If you are out camping and don’t want to worry about packing in a breakable shot glass, you can use a card sleeve as your trusty shot glass instead. (We tested it and you can fit 2.5oz of liquid in a standard be careful out there.)
  4. Hiding your credit card. Keep your credit card in a sleeve. No one is going to be looking for your card in board game sleeve. Just make sure to not shuffle it into your burn deck. It may catch fire. 
  5. Storing things. You know, things and stuff. Or stuff and things
  6. Pictures of your partner or celebrity crush. Keep them safe from harm by sleeving that photo. You can even look at the picture when your phone is out of power. Going retro is cool. 
  7. Emergency cracker holder. You can keep a spare Ritz or two in a sleeve. For when a wild cheese plate appears and you have to have to do battle. Yummy yummy battle. Just watch out for all da brie leftover after the fight.  
  8. Lining your pockets before you go to the beach. So that way the sand gets in the sleeve and not your pockets. To quote papa Skywalker, “I don’t like sand. It’s course.” He was always such a smooth talker. I can see why Padmé fell for him. 
  9. Speaking of pockets. What’s up with the lack of pockets on lady’s pants? They want to carry stuff in pockets too, you know. Just affix a few of these gems on there and now they too have pockets. 
  10. On the subject of pockets, everyone knows it's cool to have that inside pocket on your jacket. Well if yours does not have one, now it can. Slap one or two in there and boom! You now have a secret squirrel spy pocket in your jacket. 
  11. You ever want to be a hero and help out the CSI team? Imagine they are at a crime scene and have run out of evidence bags. Oh no. But wait, there you are with a whole box of little evidence bags. You will be the hero! I am sure Horatio Caine has a good pun lined up for that situation. Maybe “I see they had the evidence (puts on sunglasses) up their sleeve.” *queues The Who song* 
  12. Passing notes in class. Slip the note behind a card and if the teacher sees it they will only think it’s a card, and thus not read out the embarrassing note about how much you think Pat is cute. Or the one where your friend accuses you of liking stinky cheese. 
  13. You know you can fit a Lunchable in one right? I mean not the whole box. Just one of the cracker sandwiches that Lunchables have you make. With 4 to 6 sleeves, I’d guess you could store a whole Lunchable. 
  14. Handy place to store that four-leaf clover you found in the field. Again, bonus points for using a green sleeve.
  15. We do not speak of this one. But, ya you could keep that in one as well. Move along citizen, nothing to see here. 
  16. Helping out the tooth fairy. Put your baby tooth in a sleeve, so the tooth fairy can find it, and does not have to actually touch your tooth. The tooth fairy would be very happy if you did this for them. I am sure your parents would agree. 
  17. Business card holder. Keep your business cards in one. (The thing in the link is awesome as well.) 
  18. Randomizing chores. Write all the household chores on a bunch of sleeves. Then deal out a hand to each person in the house. First person to put all their chore sleeves in the Done Box wins! Hey, it's worth a try. Bonus points, if you make cleaning the bathroom a brown or black sleeve. 
  19. Arts and crafts. Need to make fake popsicles? Glue a stick to the inside of a blue or red sleeve and boom you have a popsicle facsimile. (On advice from counsel. Warning: do not try to eat the fake Popsicle. Please.) 
  20. Want to be a ninja? But have trouble carrying around those ball bearings you want people to slip on when chasing you? A stylish black sleeve has you covered. Store them in there and you don’t have to worry about them getting loose in your pocket. 
  21. Fun with pets! Use it as a sleeping bag for your pet earthworm or small snek. A hat for your favorite cockatoo
  22. Finger puppets. A sharpie and a few sleeves, and boom! You have your own finger puppet theater troupe all ready to go. 
  23. Arts and crafts again. Use them as windows for the cardboard spaceship you built for your cats. 
  24. Imagine you are in the woods, or at a con, and are out of toilet paper. Needs must when nature calls. I suggest using ones with a matte finish as they are not as slick. 
  25. Speaking of using them as a scoop. You can stick one over two or three fingers and use it as a spatula to get all the cake batter or guacamole out of the bowl. 

Now go forth and have a grand old time out there with your multipurpose card sleeves. 


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