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10 reasons why having a desk pad to protect your desk is a good idea

10 reasons why having a desk pad to protect your desk is a good idea

Let’s be honest, where do humans in today’s world (especially now) spend a large portion of their day? If you say under a rock you may have a point, but let’s save that for another blog. A majority of people can be found sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen for hours on end throughout the day. Whether it’s for work or play is your own business. We definitely don’t judge here.

The point is, our desktops have become the main hub for all of our daily (and nightly) activities. So we should do our best to preserve it as best we can. Enter desk pads.

Desk pads have become increasingly popular because they have proven to be an effective accessory for workers and gamers alike. They have the ability to not only make your desktop more functional, but also give you and your space a unique look.

Here are 10 reasons why having a desk pad covering your desktop is a good idea.



One of the primary and most important features of a desk pad is its ability to protect your desk and prevent any unnecessary or permanent damage to your play/workspace. Dings, scrapes and dents have no place on your desktop when you have a desk pad. If only your car was so lucky, right? No matter how durable or delicate your desk is, a desk pad is sure to keep your desktop in pristine condition.



Don’t let things get too hot. Constant exposure to excessive heat can eventually cause significant damage to more delicate desktops over time. Sources of heat can be cups of coffee, plates of food, and even your computer/laptop. Desk pads allow you to enjoy your favorite hot beverages and meals without having to worry about ruining your desktop.



Pens and markers can ruin your desk as well. Writing on a piece of paper without a desk pad underneath can leave long-lasting impressions. Certain markers and pens are capable of leaking through paper and leaving a permanent stain on your desk. Replacing a stained desk pad is much easier (and cheaper) than resurfacing or even replacing your desktop. 



Larger pads tend to create a more organized and focused space on your desktop, which makes for less clutter overall. Clutter-free play/workspaces can potentially lead to increased productivity as well. Desk pads that can hold more accessories like keyboards, mice, headphones, pens, and glasses give your desktop the clean look that you’ve always wanted...Right?



Desk pads feature a smooth cloth top that allows you to work your mouse effortlessly. So you can easily glide your mouse across the pad without having to worry about sticking or stopping at the most crucial moments of work or play.



Pads with a stitched edging and lip (like some of the pads we offer) keep your pens, toys, and other nick-knacks where they belong...on your desk. The stitched edging makes the desk pad more durable as well, which helps them last longer.



Stains and sticky spills are common, but by no means permanent. All of our pads are machine washable and clean very easily. No matter how big or gross the mess, desk pads can always be cleaned. Desktops, on the other hand, aren’t always so forgiving.



This is for the workaholics and gamer goons notorious for going from dusk till dawn. Desk pads are ideal for those who spend countless hours a day sitting and typing. So basically 99% of the population. Because of their smooth, comfortable surface, desk pads make typing and swiping easier on your hands and wrists.



Tired of looking at the same boring, bland desk? We can fix that! Adding a desk pad to your play/workspace is just what you need to give your desk a touch of much-needed style. Whether you’re against a tight deadline at work or trying to reach that next level at home, your desk should speak to who you are. A custom desk pad gives you an identity, as both a worker and a gamer.



Desk pads should always remain stationary on your desktop, which is why ours come with a rubber backing to prevent them from slipping, moving, or slowly creeping over time. The rubber backing is especially handy for all of you pet owners out there. You no longer have to worry about pads being swiped off the desk by your clumsy cat, dog, rabbit, komodo dragon, etc. Again, we don’t judge.


Obviously, I’m a huge advocate for desk pads as you can tell. If you’ve been on the fence about desk pads or not entirely sure how they can be beneficial, hopefully, this post gives you some more perspective and pushes you in the right direction. 

If I was lucky enough to pique your interest, I know a place that can hook you up in no time. ;)

Until we meet again,

Vince the Prince

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